Hunter Hess

Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues:

Tonight, we come together to celebrate our successes, reflect on our challenges, and remember our experiences throughout the year 2021. This year, our nation navigated through another year of uncertainty, undergoing the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the inauguration of a new President, and navigating a variety of supply chain and worker shortages affecting nearly everyone in every industry. We saw natural disasters take place in multiple parts of our nation, and we saw a multitude of other events take place that changed the landscape of our society.

While all of these events were significant and some were tragic, 2021 also saw some of the greatest displays of innovation, dedication, and inspiration that humanity has ever offered. We witnessed some of the world’s greatest athletes perform in the long-awaited summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, the first private spaceflight conducted by SpaceX, the historic rollout of vaccines against COVID-19, and the historic development of antiviral medications to combat COVID-19.

With all of these events, we have seen ways in which humanity has risen to the occasion to continue moving forward, even amidst great uncertainty. Over the next year, I hope that we will continue to improve ourselves, our communities, and our society at-large, and I look forward to sharing those successes with you. I also extend a challenge to you to achieve your goals for the next year, and I extend an open invitation to reach out if I can be of assistance to you throughout your journey of personal growth.

As the year comes to a close, let’s move into 2022 with a gratefulness for the lessons we learned in 2021, but also with a motivation to accomplish great things over the next year. Let’s accomplish our goals, raise ourselves to new heights, innovate beyond our imaginations, and create memories that will endure throughout our lifetimes. Let’s aim to not only achieve our goals, but to exceed them, and if we do, I am confident that we will reflect on 2022 with great appreciation and inspiration from our successes.

I hope the next year brings you an abundance of joy and success. From my desk to yours, I wish you a wonderful, safe holiday season and a prosperous new year.


Hunter Hess

Consultant. Entrepreneur. Writer. Weekend Golfer.